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Maddie Sax
Maddie is a highly skilled and versatile musician, currently pursuing a degree in Jazz at the prestigious Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. With her exceptional proficiency in jazz, funk, pop, and Ibiza sax styles, Maddie has established herself as a highly sought-after performer in the UK's music scene. In addition to her outstanding saxophone skills, Maddie is also a proficient flute player. Her ability to play both instruments with precision and artistry adds to her versatility as a musician, making her a valuable asset to any musical ensemble or performance. Whether incorporating the flute into a jazz or funk performance or showcasing its unique sound in a solo setting, Maddie's mastery of the instrument further highlights her musical talents and professionalism. Over the years, Maddie has amassed significant experience performing at various events, including weddings, festivals, and parties, as a solo artist, and with different function bands, including the award-winning Session Band. Her impressive musical abilities and dynamic stage presence have made her a popular choice for event organizers looking to add excitement and energy to their gatherings. Maddie's diverse performance offerings include performing as a roaming sax player with a DJ, as a member of an upbeat party band, or as part of her roaming Ibiza sax package with a percussionist. Whatever the setting, Maddie's outstanding musicianship and lively performances are sure to make a lasting impression on guests and enhance the overall atmosphere of any event

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